Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily Ponderings.

I have a pet peeve. On second thought, I have several peeves but right now only 1 is got me torqued. I have internet and television through Charter Cable. Absolutely no complaints about the products. My complaint is their customer service. I called because of a question with my bill. The person who answered the phone had such a heavy accent I wasn't even sure I was talking to Charter. I asked to speak to someone without an accent that heavy. I was informed that if I wished to speak with someone else I would have to call back. They then just hung up. Ahhhh yep, it's on now!

So call back I did and I can assure you that I continued to call until I got an English speaking, stateside person. I then requested a supervisor. I was informed by this supervisor that there were many such complaints but that there was absolutely nothing she could do. What? Your a supervisor for a customer service division of a publicly traded company and you would rather have unhappy customers? Hmmm not very good business. I was told that the only way they could guarantee stateside customer service was to visit one of their many locations. Oh, in other words, instead of calling your toll free line, I should take my lunch hour or after work and fight traffic, spend my hard earned money on gas, and visit one of your locations. I will do that today to pay my bill. I can assure you I will be looking for another company to do business with in the future.

I will let you know how this goes.

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