Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 5 Post op

Well I did it... On Wednesday I had my gastric sleeve and I am day five recovering... It has not been bad. Surprisingly enough. I was worried... I heard all the horror stories and read all the blogs and postings about side effects and recovery issues... I came home on Thursday, I had all my medications already filled and ready... I came home and relaxed and has no nausea, no real pain.. I have had a few incision pains but they haven't been really bad...

I spent a couple of days just lounging in bed and sleeping when I needed too.... Started moving around more on Sunday... Still no gastric issues beyond figuring out what I can and cannot tolerate yet... I have a surgical follow up on Wednesday and hopefully I will get to expand my diet somewhat... We will see...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pre-op day 2

Well I fell off the wagon today but nothing drastic... I had the steak, onion, and mushroom out of a Philly Steak Sandwich from Sammys... They are to die for good and the soup just wasn't getting it... Lots of protein though so it really wasn't such a horrible thing. I am spending way too much money on this surgery to sabotage it... Down a pound though.. kind of surprising... Oh well, tomorrow is another day..