Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dresser and chest of drawers project day two

Well with less than 10 hours invested, sans the hardware, I am done with the dresser.. The chocolate pudding color is perfect and I am thinking old school, white hardware.. what do you think? The chest of drawers begins tomorrow...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dresser and Chest of drawers project

Well the grandson is in need of some furniture and times are tight. Lucky for me I found this very nice lady, Jana, on Facebook's people 2 people who had a dresser and chest of drawers she wanted gone.. We worked out a trade for one of my rosaries and off we went this morning to pick it up... It is an older set but it was salvageable..

I brought it home and put it out on the patio and got to work.. The further I got into the project the worse it got.. Turns out it was veneered and not well at that.. The kids had stuck stickers all over it and the color was horrid.. Now I am by no means a carpenter but I know water damage when I see it and the end of the dresser had been damaged pretty severely. But being technically free, who can complain right?

I wound up stripping the veneer completely off of the dresser. The bf is cutting pieces to replace the damaged ones and I have sanded down all of it.. All in one day.. Phew, I am tired... The daughter wanted a brown color, so I went with Olympic primer and paint, all in one, Chocolate Pudding color.. I will get new shiny hardware and I think the set is going to look really good when I am done.. Turns out this is an old Sears brand of furniture from the 50's.. That makes it older than me LOL...

I will keep taking pictures through the project, but being on a time schedule, I hope to be done this week.. Here are a few pictures of the works in progress.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some days just suck..

Normally I wouldn't use a title quite so pessimistic, but today is different..

For 10 years I have worked at a job that I truly love, am very good at, and for a company that I love. I have also been lucky enough to have a boss that I respect and admired. I admired her for her strength, her intelligence, her drive, her dedication, and most of all, her patience... with me, with everyone.

We have known for years that she was sick. No one knew exactly with what, but whatever it was, it was bad and not getting better. A couple of months ago, she went home one day and never came back. We knew it was just a matter of time. No one talked about it. She would have hated that. It was just that unspoken thing..

Debbie was one of those women that you wouldn't dare approach and ask about it or offer assistance too because of it. She wouldn't have told you and/or taken it.. Very private. Very strong. Even when you knew she was struggling to get through the day or just to walk to her car. We all hurt for her and we waited. We waited for today.

Today, Debbie doesn't hurt anymore. Today, Debbie doesn't have to be the strongest one, anymore.

So yeah, some days just suck.