Monday, January 18, 2016

Sometimes I wonder...

Have you ever gone through a day thinking "sometimes I wonder"?

Sometimes you deal with a lot of people that make you wonder how they even tie their own shoes.. I have looked at some people wondering how they managed to smile knowing how horrid their day or life is going at that exact moment.

These days it is mostly reading another blog out there. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to put his words on paper knowing what the end is going to be. Telling the world how he feels and yet he still manages to find happiness and comfort in the most trying of circumstances.

If you wonder about whom I am speaking, please take a minute and read through this blog.

Go all the way to the beginning and read EVERY word and then come back and tell me how bad your day is. How tough your life is. How rough you have it. If you can, if you think you can somehow compare your suffering to that blog, then God love you for your strength. I cannot begin to image myself putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys if you must) when my father was breathing his last. There is no way on Gods green earth that I could have intelligently, articulately, and concisely tell you what I thought, felt, or even wanted at that time.

Happiness is a choice. Acceptance of most things in this life are a choice. You are only in control of YOU.

Life is what you make it. Make it a good one. If not for you, then for someone else.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Thank you for that daddy. 15 years it has taken to accept and understand. I get it now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I love photography.

I love it almost more than anything else I do. I know I am no different than anyone else. Some of the photos are good, some, not so much...... Art is subjective. I get that. I don't care to photograph people. They are too fickle and too "busy modeling"... I like street photography of people. The kind that you catch them off guard, or they don't even know you are there. No posing. Just life. My ultimate preference is landscape and macro. I am waiting on a Little Big Shot lens to become available in a couple of weeks. That way I can experiment with different mediums and styles.

I will be reopening my Etsy store stocked with my photos. I will be offering them printed in whatever way a customer chooses, be it canvas, metal, cards, whatever they wish... I hope to have links up shortly.

I have a store on Fine Art America and

Cross your fingers for me..

I think I had this epiphany because I have reached my limit with childish, immature, selfish, unintelligent people. Cubicle life is killing me. I can put on my blinders and I can load the wagon as well as anyone else, better than most. What I cannot do is close my ears. I have yet to master toning out background. I guess that stems from years behind the radio as a dispatcher. You listen to EVERYTHING. College educated, self entitling, immature, and rude seems to be the way of this upcoming generation and I just cannot abide it. The filter between my brain and my mouth seems to be thinning with time.

I look forward to the road trips for work. Gets me out of the office and a chance to breathe. I will be taking my camera on this next road trip into Arkansas. I will have a bit of time, maybe in the evenings. Should make for some nice shots. Talk to you next time...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Well, here we are in 2015

Where on Earth did the time go? My grandson starts school this year... Is that really possible? It was just yesterday when was born and stole my heart wasn't it? I started at Sellmark back in July. I sell weapons optics, wholesale. I guess I just have to pick those products that bring their own drama :-)

I have decided to get back into my photography. I have let most of the stuff go to the wayside and my best outlet is behind the camera. I entered a few of my shots, not even my best ones, to this site:

Amazingly enough, people seem to like my pictures. I have a number of my photos listed on Fine Art America. It will be great when they start to sell.. As you know, my favorite place in the world is Cades Cove, Tennessee. I decided to sponsor the Cades Cove Photograph page on Fine Art America. If you want to check it out, here is the link:
 cades cove photos

I will be posting more regularly as I share my work... Thank you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The changes...

I started this blog a good while ago to do things like ride reports on our bike trips, jewelry show off for my designs, and just to talk about things that make you go hmmm....  two years ago I lost my job selling motorcycle parts and have just kind of drifted around since then. I keep trying to find my niche again. I recently started working for Sellmark Corporation. Inside sale of weapon optics, business to business.

I will let you know how things go. I will write more later, when I get a chance...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What a week...

Well, I am sure by now, unless you live under a rock, that you have been watching all the news and information pouring out of Boston, Mass. and West, Texas.... Unbelievable the amount of destruction that can be heaped upon a group only to have them shine through... There are numerous heroes that have evolved out of the wreckage. Some you would expect... fire, police, and EMS. But there were some that were just in the right place at the right time. Regular guys and girls that ran towards the danger because that's just how they are made. People, who with no regard for their own safety, ran in and starting helping those that could not help themselves. Those people, regardless of their color, their political affiliation, their gender, or anything else, gave everything they had to save the life of another. They weren't wearing anything that differentiated them from anyone else. No capes, no shields. Some, gave every last measure of their life so that others might live. To them, I salute, with the utmost pride.

The Boston Police Department, the FBI and others ran in and in very short order, had the bad guys in custody. Hurrah! That's how that is supposed to work.

This was National Telecommunicators Week. Did anyone note that? Can you imagine the hellish jobs those dispatchers in both Mass. and Texas must have had those days? Imagine working a fire call at the local fertilizer plant, down the road from where you live. Then imagine the absolute worst case scenario happening.. Then imagine finding out that it was worse than anyone could have possibly imagined. The number of dead and missing still not complete days later. Imagine if that's your home? Imagine if that's where your family and friends are?

Whether anyone else agrees or realizes, those dispatchers are heroes too. They deserve a salute and honor as a result of the difficult task that they face everyday. Everyday they come to work, lousy hours, lousy pay, no breaks, and constant stress... Yet everyday, they come back and watch their friends and family members go off to their jobs, being the face of the PD, Fire Dept, and EMS.. to be the OBVIOUS heroes. This is proof that they too deserve the recognition afforded their co-workers. They are the quiet calm in the face of chaos. They are the voice in the night that calms the fears and worries of the complainants. They are the organization that keeps control of the scene and of themselves, even when they are in tears. You will never know the number of times that we have worked devastating calls and managed to maintain. We cry in the dark and we scream into our pillows at night. We hug our children tighter than ever and pray for the families of those we have served. Then we come back tomorrow and do it again. Why? Because we love what we do. We do make a difference. Most people just don't know that.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The day before Easter....

Well it appears that Easter may be a wash thanks to Mother Nature... but that's ok, watching The Ten Commandments... Always a good watch. Glad to have the weekend off.. Just waiting and watching.. Hoping that the North Koreans do the right thing and off themselves first... before they start a global war...

Not much to talk about today but that... Maybe tomorrow..

Friday, March 29, 2013

Things change quickly here in the real world...

I remember when I was a kid, duck and cover exercises .. Oh, I know now that, obviously, they wouldn't have done a damn thing to save us, really... but it sure made you FEEL like it would. Flash forward 35+ years and I am wishing that duck and cover would make me feel safer these days... Have you been reading the news? North Korea has a whack job of a new leader, who thinks he needs to make his bones by threatening the world with nuclear annihilation... IDIOT...

I see photos of North Korean people and I have to wonder if they know. If they know that are being mislead? If they know that the "news" they read is propaganda? If they know the photos of US troops storming their shores are photo shopped?  Or are they beginning to be like the American sheeple and just blindly following because it's easier than thinking for themselves? Or maybe they have really been that sheltered, for so long, that this generation doesn't know any alternatives.. I cannot fathom that. Maybe because I am older and wiser now and the generation in power over there isn't even old enough to remember why there is a "neutral zone" between the two countries... I personally am not old enough to remember the Korean War but at least in my education, we covered it... I am not even sure they do anymore except in a blurb, in passing..

What's the old adage? Those that forget their history are destined to repeat it?

I am sure this will be a VERY unpopular stance, but, I vote we just turn the entire Middle East and North Korea both into very large sheets of glass... call it done and move on... Start over so to speak, with a clean slate and some INTELLIGENT leaders... Oh wait, that would infer that we have one and it is obvious right now, we don't. I sure hope this president we have, has some stones. I am afraid we are gonna need it..

I hope I am wrong but I see us fighting on multiple fronts and some other super power deciding now is a good time to "invest" in America.. so to speak...I don't want to learn Russian, or Chinese for that matter... I kind of like things the way they are and I really don't like "change"... Maybe that's why I didn't vote for him, either time. Maybe this is just one more good reason to leave MY guns the hell alone.. they are mine. I bought them. I shoot them. I clean them... and you can bet I can hide them too...

I read the news and I wonder about my fellow Americans... are they really that stupid? Or is it just that they are lazy? I know the gene pool could use some chlorine right about now.. You know how you "shock" a swimming pool? Maybe it is time to SHOCK the gene pool..... take away the warnings on every damn thing and let natural selection take it's course. I mean really... Do we really have to tell you that the HOT coffee you just ordered might be HOT? Or that the Preparation H cream you just bought is for EXTERNAL USE? Or that the hair dryer you use is not for use in the tub? This is the stuff I am referring too... Common sense is so rare any more it should be classified as a super power. 

Where do we draw the line? If the government/suppliers have to warn you, to save you from your own stupidity, then aren't you really too stupid to function in the real world? Now I am not referring to side effects of medications or anything like that.. I am talking about OBVIOUS things. Hot coffee = HOT... 

Someone please tell me that I am wrong and see if you can really back up your argument.. A lot of you have tried and failed... I am holding out hope.