Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day thoughts

Why is it that everyone says "Happy" Veterans Day? Happy? Hmmm makes you wonder about the thought behind it. I don't think of it so much as a happy day. The things those men and women went through are not happy things. I am sure they don't think back on them as happy times. I really think that it is more commercial than it should be too. Just another reason for a sale. That's wrong. If the post office and the bank can close up for the day, why the hell don't other people?

Just say "thank you". I am sure it is appreciated more than you can imagine. Thank you for putting yourself in harms way so that myself and others did not have to. Thank you for going, literally, to the ends of the earth to protect me and others from the evils of this world.

Just know that you are appreciated. I am sure, over time, there will be more "tragedies" such as Fort Hood. Yes, they are veterans now too. Even those who were just coming into the military that day. Please know that without the brave, there is no free.

Just a few thoughts for the day.