Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daily Ponderings.

This has been one of those days where everything thing is running through your brain but yet you don't really give a lot thought to any one thing. I did decide that before too long I am going to reward myself. See I quit smoking a few months ago and I am proud that I kicked a 25+ year habit. So as a reward to me, I am going to buy myself a new digital camera. Now not the really nice (expensive) one, just something more than the 4 year old Kodak Easyshare that I have.

I miss taking pictures. Not the “we are all at the fair” type pictures. No I mean studies in architecture and landscape. My best friend Melody and I used to load all the gear up and just take off for an entire day, wandering the countryside for stuff that is off the beaten path. Old cemeteries were especially cool. Of course we were known to trespass into pastures for those old farmhouses and barns to photograph also lol. You meet the nicest people when you have a camera in your hand.

She and I were talking today and it has been a long time since we burned some film and it is about time we started again. I don't know when I will find what I want but when I do, I will have to avoid sale ads for a while. Buyers regret sucks. Best way to avoid it is to avoid sale ads.

Well tomorrow is Friday and thank goodness. Maybe I will have my thoughts laid out a little better tomorrow. See you then!

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  1. We have the Cannon Rebel. It has served us very well so far.