Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Ponderings

There is a lot of talk floating around about Texas seceding from the United States. There are a few people who are making that a issue of their campaigns for the governor of Texas. Now correct me if I am wrong, BUT, if your voted in as governor and Texas does secede, doesn't that automatically make you President of Texas? How would they work that? Is there anyone running that I would want as President? There is a lot of things that would change if it were to happen.

I know I for one would like to see the taxation be done a little different. Instead of all these varying percentages based on tons of rules and regs, I would like to see a flat percentage. No loopholes, no deductions, I would also say that once your 65, no taxes on your social security. Oh wait, you won't be able to draw that. That is federal, through the US government. I am sure that something would be worked out since so much has been paid into it prior to secession.

Of course sales tax such that it is would have to remain since so many cities and counties rely on that for maintenance of their infrastructure. I know it sucks but taxes are one of those necessary evils of this life.

I would like to see something done about illegal immigration. Now don't get me wrong, I know there are a lot of people that live here LEGALLY. Please remember I am only referring to those that are here ILLEGALLY. Take them back across the border and then put actual law enforcement down there patrolling the border. Since we have our own electrical grid, run a hot fence through there. That will put a stop to it.

Oh there are tons of things to be considered and worked out before Texas could make a move like that. Or, let me rephrase that, there are lots of issues that SHOULD be considered prior to that move. If you just knee jerk secede without working out the details, then it would destined to fail. Just like all those years ago.. You remember the civil war? That is what it was started over. The states rights to self govern, not slavery. Of course in the end, slavery was what it was made out to be about, but as you know, history is written by the winners.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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