Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting older..

Have you ever heard a song or a name and get this very strange sensation that you have stepped back in time? Maybe to the first time you heard the song.. Or maybe just to the way things used to be? It hasn't happened very often but when it does...

I swore years ago that I would never give up my Internet connection. Not because I am addicted to it.. OK maybe I am but that's not why :-) I am sitting here staring at the facebook screen. I just added two people to my friends list that I can honestly say I have not seen in 30 years. You remember making those promises of being friends forever? Always promising to keep in touch?

Well I owe some apologies. I made those promises years ago and then I let life get in the way. We all do it. Not intentionally mind you, but we do it none the less. We all say that we wouldn't repeat our teenage years for anything. I would. Actually I would go back just a bit farther. I would go back to about 10. Back before parental divorces, hurt feelings, and broken hearts. Back before growing up got to be so damn important. Back when we were still just naive enough that we thought we could do anything. We weren't afraid of anything except parental punishment.

Well growing up hasn't always lived up to our young, naive visions. Not to say that it has been bad, far from it, but I have yet to conquer the world. I heard a saying the other day that is so true:

You don't quit playing because you grow old. You grow old because you quit playing.

I can attest to that fact. I am hoping to find out if you can restart that time machine. More tomorrow. I will get caught up on the ride report tomorrow night. Good night for now.

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