Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday again...

Well here it is, another Sunday and I am still not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Weekends are never long enough, yet when they are, I still don't wanna go... This week starts our annual sales meeting. That's fun. You get to see the other reps and catch up. Of course being downtown Fort Worth, it is nice and close to home... No discomfort on my part. Except having to be at the breakfasts at 6:45 AM. Who eats at that hour? Yuck.. Oh well, the coffee should be good lol..

Temps have finally stayed below 100 during the day... We even got rain today... still need alot more. Was driving around downtown yesterday and crossed the Trinity River in a few places. Wow! I cannot remember seeing the river that low... I mean it is only puddles in some spots. Scary to see what we have done to the waterways of this country.. All in the name of progress. I personally don't see that it was worth it. I mean, YEARS ago, you could boat the Trinity.. Hell now I can walk it... I remember when I was a kid there was water in the creek beds you crossed. Very rarely were they dry. Now? Most are dry and your surprised when you see water... When I was little, my Uncle Pat and family would come down from Oklahoma. Of course when they went home, at least half the time, I tagged along.

Now to get to where they lived, you went right up 81/287 and across the Red River. Uncle Pat used to challenge me that I couldn't hold my breathe all the way across the bridge. LOL Of course when your 10? That bridge seemed to last forever, but I did it and boy was I proud. Funny thing is, we did this EVERY time we crossed.. By the time I outgrew that challenge, he nearly had to stop on the bridge for me not to be able to lol... I miss those days. I miss being a kid.

I miss the people of my youth more than anything I think. I miss living down the street from my grandma and aunts. I miss the family caravan to grandpa's on Thanksgiving. I guess that's all part of growing up. I can only assume that most people feel the same. I heard a saying a while back that is very true...

You don't quit playing because you grow old. You grow old because you quit playing.

LOL I think I resemble that remark. I would like to think that since my kids are grown that maybe I can start my second childhood now. I keep trying but the real world keeps getting in the way. Work and bills. Bills and work.. Cross your fingers that if all goes right, (ie.. no emergency expenses), the annual 2 week bike trip is planned and ready to go. The tires for the bikes are bought and will get put on in two weeks.

From Fort Worth all the way to Sturgis, SD. And no, not for the "Sturgis" rally. I want to see the sights without the 10 million motorcyclists in the picture. We will go from Sturgis over to Wounded Knee and Custer Park with everything in between. I plan on burning ALOT of film this time around. Quite a bit digital too. Then we take a left and head South through Yosemite and Grand Teton. Down through Colorado and onto home. Did you know there are very few KOA camps anymore? For some reason that surprised me. We will stay a few of those or camps the Parks.

Well more tomorrow..

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