Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another day and another day of it...

What exactly is "it"? Is "it" chasing the American dream? What has that become? "It" used to be home ownership (wow how's that going?), kids off to college (ah the no child left behind?), grand babies and retirement (oh that's good).. Well I guess we all know how this story goes so I won't bore you with my rant on that tonight.

People say that times weren't easier when we were younger. They just appear so as a result of the wisdom of the ages... well if that is the case, I must be REALLY wise.

I read an article today about a man who put a flag outside his home. Nothing odd about that... I have one up myself. I remember being a kid and seeing flags, lots of flags. Now? Not so much. And why is that? Is it a lack of patriotism? Apathy? I think it is all of the above and then some. I guess being a military brat, maybe my patriotism bone is bigger than most.

I was privileged enough to be raised in a family of individuals that made up Tom Brokaws "Greatest Generation". And they were all that and then some! My grandmother was 66 when I was born and my daddy was her youngest child! I had cousins and more cousins. My brother, myself, and one other cousin, are the youngest grand babies... Wow that sounds nice. Been a while since I was one of the "youngest" of anything.

I saw a funeral procession the other day. I pulled to the side of the road and waited respectfully until it passed. I was raised that way and I know a lot of other people were too. But what happened to everyone else? I was the ONLY vehicle that pulled over. I even watched as some person in a pickup CUT THROUGH the procession???? What the hell was that?? My daddy would come back and haunt me till hell froze over if I was to ever do that. Oh and take off your damn hat... good lord.

I think they were the greatest generation for more reasons than just their outstanding service to their country and each other. I think they were one of the last generations who knew what respect and responsibility meant. They worked hard. Very hard. They saved their money and they hoped for a better life for their kids.

I know that every generation hopes the same for their children. That is just human nature. But somewhere along the way something got lost in translation. Something turned off or just disappeared altogether. We got greedy and we were consumed with an immediate gratification mentality. Wow look where that got us. We have products made overseas, in third world countries, and others that are not fit to use. We throw away EVERYTHING when it wears out, which, by the way, is quicker than the "old" good stuff. You remember the TV your parents had? It was a piece of furniture, literally. That thing lasted longer than some marriages.

I guess I just can't get my thoughts together today. Just kind of rambling around about everything and nothing. I hope I haven't bored you to tears. There will be more tomorrow I am sure.

Drop me a line, gimme some ideas. I am sure that most of you know I have a ton of soap boxes that I can get going with... Good night for now...


  1. I have Brokaw's Greatest Generation here on the shelf in my shop, I can give it to you. I wholeheartedly believe that they were indeed the greatest generation, but the book didn't move me at all.

  2. I have that book and the sequel that he did for it also... I liked it.. I refer to it only as the example of the differences between them and the younger generations.