Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Ponderings...

Wow it has been a busy 2 months. On July 11, 2010 I was given the most wonderful grandson in the world. Caleb Thomas Wright... he is the absolute love of my life, without a doubt... He was born on 07/11. He weighed, 7 lbs 11 oz.

The real irony in this situation is that my daughter was working for 7/11 when she got pregnant with him and her room number at the hospital was 117... LOL Guess who has new lottery numbers! I love that picture... He is such a serious little guy... I call this one my thinking man.

They grow so absolutely fast, I had forgotten how fast. In two months, he has just amazed all of us.

He holds his head up so well and has nearly turned over twice. He is so alert and I love the giggles. He is just like his mother though.. Two months and already refusing formula so we are having to improvise. He is lactose intolerant (sorry kiddo), so milk is out. Even 2% messes his tummy up.

I was watching the Today show the other morning and came across something that I found interesting. Since Calebs eating habits are having to change, I saw Norah O'Donnell and her husband making baby food. My first thought was how ambitious this must be lol.... After watching her husband make one recipe in 15-20 minutes, making enough for a month, I thought I would give it a go. Apparently they put all these quick fix recipes in a book and I went to Barnes & Noble (LOVE that store) and bought it. Here is a screen shot of the cover if your interested.
Apparently you can freeze this in ice cube trays (interesting) and then package it in plastic and it will last up to 6 months. No chemicals, no junk, just good old fashioned, Grammy cooked food :-)

I will keep you apprised of how this goes...

On another note, I have finally picked my camera back up and started shooting again. I don't know why I quit but I have missed it. There is a wonderful website that an artist friend of mine turned me onto. It is where you can upload your artwork, any kind, and sell it. They will frame it or anything else you want done for a fee. I uploaded 100 pictures to start with. Most are works that I have done in the last few years on road trips. When I get a good scanner, I will work on the others I have done over the years. Here is a link to my work: Susan Ayers at Fine Art America

Please feel free to look through the pictures and let me know what you think.

I will update more regularly and let you know how the baby things are going...

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