Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pre surgery, Day 1

Well yesterday was my pre-op, dietary, clinical appointments. Holy crap that's a lot of information to digest in one sitting... thank goodness they write everything down for you and make it much simpler... For the next two weeks I am on a high protein, liquid diet. Three meals a day, two of which will be high protein shakes, the third meal being soup. It doesn't matter what kind of soup, just soup. The two days prior to my surgery are clear liquid ONLY...

I already bought the Baby Bullet, as I mentioned before, because they are going to make up 2 ounce meals at a time. That way I can control the amount of flavor in each meal... Luckily there is a unflavored protein powder that I can add to the meals to make it easier. It is made by Unjury and comes highly recommended from other post surgery patients.

Protein is the staple of my diet for the rest of my life. 60-80 mg of protein a day, for the rest of my life. That's ok though. Protein is what keeps you feeling full and keeps you from losing muscle mass. Luckily the liquid/protein diet is only for the two weeks prior to the surgery and the two weeks immediately after. Then I get to go to the pureed, mushy meals. Eventually I will be able to go back to "normal" food, just a lot less of it.

Calcium supplements will also be another staple along with a high value, chewable, multi vitamin, designed specifically for gastric surgery patients. Unjury also makes a Lemon Chewable, Calcate brand chewable which is actually good. They also make the multi-berry, chewable, multi vitamin.. I actually ordered all of it online last night so that it would be here and ready by the time I come home from the hospital... They will also be calling in my list of medications that I will be taking immediately following my surgery. I will pick those up next week... Taramadol for pain as I am allergic to Codeine. Phenergan for the nausea that follows the surgery. Keflex for 5 days, as a just in case. Of course all of this is in liquid form, so that's nice.

I am having my last cup of GOOD coffee as we speak lol... but I think in the long run, I will be able to live without it. I had given up sodas a long time ago. Portion control is the base of life from here on out. I can do this.. If you're still reading at this point, I hope I haven't bored you with the details...

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