Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Ponderings

Well it's official.. I finally got moved in to the boyfriends house. Of course moved in doesn't mean unpacked lol... Bless his heart. We are both independent and have been on our own for a while but he is adjusting well LOL...

Now I can spend my evenings getting everything unpacked and get my work area reorganized.. Maybe then I can sit down at get some work done. It is driving me NUTS!

Temps are climbing and the humidity is dropping so the grass fire threat is getting worse. Got some big uglies burning out in West Texas and in the Panhandle.. Sure hate to see the Summer get here. I hate the 100+ temps. I hate the electric bills that go with them lol... Gonna have to get a swimming pool at this rate :-)

The grandson now has two bottom teeth.. he is the greatest thing in the world. He is the happiest, funniest baby. He loves his Papa and everyone else ceases to exist when he is around lol... Sometimes I think the only reason he loves me is access to Papa :-) (not really)

My daddy would have been 74 years old this year. His birthday was Sunday the 10th. He sure would have loved his grand babies.. I sure am sorry that he didn't get to be here for them. My memories of growing up with the rest of my family is one of my greatest treasures. I hope it is for Caleb too when he gets grown...

I finally got quite a few rosaries done and even a few necklaces and "auto" rosaries.. you know, the kind that hang from the rear view mirror? I will have a few more pieces done before the show. I am working on some domino size pendants and some new earrings to add to the inventory...

Well it is time to go back from lunch.. talk to you next time!

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