Monday, March 14, 2011

Daily ponderings..

I have no idea where I got this need to create things. Sometimes it drives me nuts to have to do other things, like work lol... Even at work I am putting together ideas. This year the Fort Worth Art Goggle is May 14th, so I am scrambling, trying to get product made, working on new ideas, and trying to get moved at the same time...

After a long, hard Winter, I have the money to get caught up on my mortgage, but it appears that they don't want my money.. I cannot get ANYONE from Flagstar Bank to call me back. Not that I really WANT to keep that damn house but I was going to do the right thing, get caught up, let the kids live there for a few years, then sell it when the market rebounded better...

Looks like I may be putting the kids in an apartment and mailing the keys back after all. That might work out to my advantage anyway though... I will have Caleb around the corner. We will be close if we are needed.

Of course this all depends on what they find.. ugh I hate moving.

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